“Focus on submarkets driven by economic growth and outsized demand drivers.”

Strategic Viewpoint

Our disciplined investment approach combines the pursuit of value-add transactions in all major property types with an intense focus on risk reduction. The fundamental objective is to buy assets whose intrinsic value is greater than the current market value, applying the following to drive outsized returns:
  • Focus on submarkets driven by economic growth
  • Acquire deep value assets at discounts to replacement cost
  • Prioritize cash flow
  • Deploy a top-down approach to internal investment themes
  • Strategically target asset classes as opportunities evolve
  • Mitigate risk through sector and market diversification
  • Avoid principal loss and let the upside take care of itself

At The Roxborough Group, we operate under a mantra “skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.”

Investors who see markets transforming and opportunities forming can use that insight to get in front of capital flows and generate alpha.

Our team’s expertise across asset classes and markets allows Roxborough to uncover opportunity, wherever it may lie.