Target Assets

The Roxborough Group is an opportunistic investment firm targeting value-add and stabilized commercial real estate properties across the United States. We have the flexibility to invest in all asset classes, embracing multifamily, office and industrial, while selectively looking for opportunities in retail, hotels and specialized student or senior housing. We focus on properties that offer the potential to quickly increase cash flow – whether through repositioning or better management – to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

Roxborough employs four primary real estate strategies—Core Plus, Value Add, Opportunistic, and High Yield Structured Debt or Preferred Equity—each with its own risk/return profile. The firm considers investments in a broad range of ownership structures, either directly as an operator or in joint ventures with operating partners.

Investment Focus

Roxborough underwrites short-, mid- and long-term positions, targeting assets that allow early exit if market conditions warrant it. The firm focuses on institutional real estate investments involving both middle-market assets valued at $15 to $75 million as well as larger transactions, utilizing moderate leverage of 50% – 70%.